Hands That Hear You



"My  first  treatment with Luc  Chabot in 2012 initiated the cure of my chronic sinus and ear infections. For many  years,  ENT physicians had done nothing but prescribe antibiotics,  whereas  Luc  instituted  structural and dietary  changes that resolved my sinus and ear problems in a few months. But Luc did so much more to improve my  general health and well-being during the next three years.  

The major problem he addressed was my chronic Kyphosis, which he traced to my traumatic birth with forceps.  Spinal curvature for 60 years of my adult life led to skeletal contractions and detrimental effects on nearly all of  my major organs. Luc offered me a way to understand and improve my whole body.  

My experience illustrates Luc's holistic approach based on the interdependence of the parts of the body to the  whole. Luc is truly a unique healer. I will be forever grateful to him." - C. Graff


"I  have been so fortunate in my life to  have met several people with hands  that  heal. These people have literally saved  my life. Luc Chabot and Nina Joy Rizzo  are  two of those people. They are both  somehow magically connected to the  source of life in the other and able to  create a transformative dialog that  breaks up blockages that are narrowing  the life force itself. If you are ready to  deeply connect with your own unique life  force, I highly recommend sessions with  them individually or together." - Theresa  Blanding


"Nina and Luc have amazed me. Their  hands do really know what my body  needs. Nina and Luc both have helped  balance  my  whole  body in ways it has  needed for years. Traditional medicine  has  never came close to helping me in  the ways they have" - Steven Clough