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Hands That Hear YouAdvanced Osteopathic Manual Therapy, takes a traditional Hand-On and Non-Medical Osteopathic approach to assisting your body to make long lasting and permanent changes. They do this by addressing ALL the systems and not just one.

The body is a Multi-Dimensional, Multi-System Being controlled by all of and not just one of these many systems: The Skeletal, Muscular, Cranial, Central Nervous System/Autonomic Nervous System, Lymphatic/Immune, Vascular-Arterial/Venous, Visceral Organs, Neurological, Electrical, Limbic/Emotional, Chakras, Brain/Body Connection, Energetic, Physiological, Gearing Systems, Bio-Mechanical Relationships, …et. al.

Other therapies are great, feel good, but may not be long lasting because they tend to take a “One System approach,”—viewing the entire body through that one system they work with. Hands That Hear You are different in that they “listen” to and then address each system individually or in groups, but in a hierarchical order, which is reflective of your own personal adaptive pattern of strain or pain.

Through their education and Osteopathic training they use their hands and “listen” into your body to locate where adaptations, which create pain, are occurring, originate from and what system(s) are involved in that adaptive holding pattern. After an initial assessment they begin to address what they find one layer at a time. Gently and subtly, they assist one holding pattern after the next within individual systems to help it make change and find a better way to function. Continually assessing the body as they work, they track changes as they occur and follow the changes to the next layer or pattern of strain/pain. In most cases, it is not guess work for them. Listening with their hands gives them the ability to locate and address the “problem” and not the “symptom” of the problem.

Like most professionals, passionate about their work, Luc and Nina Joy never stop learning or finding current research about their field and scope of practice. They are committed to helping you feel better in your body. Their experience has shown them that there is never just ONE thing that causes a problem in a person’s body. It is more of a series of issues that have accumulated and have caused adaptation over time. That adaptation is the pain you feel! .

Hands That Hear You offers hope for clients with an array of conditions ranging from mild to severe. Their clients range from Newborn babies to Senior Citizens.

Luc and Nina Joy have teamed up to provide a traditional Hands-On approach to helping you feel better Together, they bring to you an abundance of years rich with experience and education. They look at the human body in a very specific and unique way. Their practice is based on Science, Anatomy, Quantum Physics, and Bio-Mechanics. Everything they do is gentle, subtle and HANDS-ON.

Luc J. Chabot Ph.D, completed 3.5 years of Medical School in Canada, has an extensive education in Hands-On Osteopathic Manual Therapies and is a “Hands-On Medical Intuit.” He has been in practice since 1983.

Reverend Nina Joy Rizzo, is a Registered Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®, Integrated Energy Therapy and LMT has been in practice since 1989.

They also offer valuable information for clients in regards to health and well-being based on their own personal experiences.

Both Luc and Nina see clients one on one but Four-Hand Sessions are available.

Sessions are usually 90 minutes.

Intensives are available for those travelling to Sedona from out of the area.

You are Encouraged to experience the results for yourself.

Please call for an appointment.