Dr L. J. Chabot PH. D

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Originally from Canada, Luc J Chabot acquired his BSC from the University of Regina, Saskatchewan, in 1976. A year later he entered the pre-med program at McGill University Montreal, Canada. Having become disenchanted with the medical program he ended his studies at McGill after 3 and a half years. One year later, he entered a 2600 hour massage program through Blackpool England, London and Counties Society of Physiologists and began his own practice in 1983. He soon realized that massage was not a manual technology that he wanted to pursue as it wasn’t really very effective. Within a year, he began training through the Upledger Institute and continued his training in the clinic which was overseen by Dr. Upledger and his colleagues. Concurrently, Dr. Chabot studied with Dr. Barral‘s Visceral Manipulation courses with Frank Lowen, then director of the Barral Visceral manipulation program in the United States.

His studies with Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral Therapy continued for 5 years, after which he began studies of “Dialogues in Contemporary Rehabilitation” in Hartford, Connecticut in the Integrated Osteopathic Manual Therapy program, “An Integrated Systems, systems specific multi therapy approach, to rehabilitation.”

Further Studies:

Myofascial Release, John Barnes

St. John’s Neuromuscular

Muscle Energy


Adv. Strain/Counterstrain of the ANS

Manual Lymph Drainage, Vodder, DO and Lymph Drainage Therapy, Chikly MD .

Adv. Neural Tissue Tension, Weiselfish

Zero Balancing, Schmitz, DO

Therapeutic Horizons, Frank Lowen –Biological Analogs of Circulation and Neural Mobilization, Heart/Brain

25 years of clinical experience.