Four hand Sessions

When a client shows up in pain, we know there are adaptations occurring in one or more systems of their body. Each adaptation in the body to a compromise of functionality is like a band-aid. The brain is so smart that is knows it must function as optimally as possible in order to survive. When something is threatened, it knows and will send out specialized cells to protect. Those are the adaptations we feel. Layers of protection, accumulated over time. Depending on how long standing an issue may be and how many issues may be involved, will warrant how many adaptations have occurred. Layer by Layer, we assist the body to let go of these adaptations, or holding patterns. Much like the layers of an onion, from the outside in, gently—you don’t get to the core of the onion unless you remove the layers first.

For every action there is a reaction.

Everything piece in the body in intricately connected to itself in many different ways, and very specifically. When the tiniest of changes occur in any system, everything in that system and it’s surrounding systems/environment has to change with it in order to adapt to the new information just given.

Not only is everything connected, there are multitudes of feedbacking loops that keep things in balance.

We are an incredible and incredibly intricate organism.

Four hand sessions go far beyond the ability of just Two hands in many ways…

To begin with, together and with the client, we now have a “Trinity of Three” and if you’d like to get just a tad Metaphysical here, “3” is a power number and everything is based on 3’s. If you’d like to back that up with a little science, when you break us down to a microscopic cellular level, each molecule has a proton, neutron and electron, again, the “Trinity of  3”. We are made up of millions and millions of molecules…in essence we are beings of electricity.

For example, let’s say we are addressing the heart, Luc’s hands will work with the electrical system and Nina’s may work with the arterial system. As the electrical conduction from the brain to the heart balances out and synchronizes, the heart has a better chance of making changes. As the vascularity of the organ increases, the electrical current changes and the electrical wiring from the brain to the heart has a better chance of synchronizing as well.

From one end of the loop to the other, from one end of the system to the other.

The human body is complex. At Hands That Hear You we understand that and have a very specific way of addressing the body to best assist you.

For a client, when many things have been building up recently, a Four Hand Session is a great way to help quickly shift patterns and “get the ball rolling.” A Four Hand Session will assist you to make changes in the most expedient and efficient way your body will allow.

For the client who has had many things go on over a course of time, a slower approach with Four Hands may be much more beneficial. By gently working through the many layers and systems that are holding and creating the intense adaptations and pain or discomfort you are feeling, Four Hands Sessions offer a very calming and effective way to help you feel better and alleviate those patterns in many ways.

Perhaps you are coming in from out of town?

We offer Intensives for our clients who are travelling and usually set up two or three appointments during their stay. Four Hand Sessions offer the travelling client an opportunity to receive great Hands–On work in short amount of time.

The body is so intricately wired, that ultimately a Four Hand Session offers not only a potentially faster resolution to your current or longstanding issue, but also a more in depth and multi faceted approach to resolving your main issue and working to resolve the subsequent patterns of issues and those longstanding conditions that have brought you to your current state of discomfort or pain.

The Brain is amazing. And every part of the body can be accessed from the brain, electrically. Feedback loops from the brain to the body can disconnect. These electrical feedbacking loops are simply another system in the body that we have found in our practice have a need to be addressed and reconnected as we look at the body as a “whole.”

When we work together, we are able to address these feedback loops from both ends or from two places along the same line.

A Four Hand session may look something like this;

When Luc or Nina works with an electrical feedback loop that connects directly from the brain to a specific area in the body, the other can work directly with that specific area of the body and in many systems of it at the same time. As changes occur in the Vascular, Neurological, Organ Mobility/Motility, or any other system for that matter both pairs of hands can feel the changes.

With the information they receive in their hands, both Practitioners can now work together on an entirely different level. They communicate the changes they hear with each other and then “map” and “inhibit” to track where it goes next. As things change, they follow the changes and swiftly move to the next layer or piece involved.  They compliment each other and their hands can engage systems and many feedback loops within the systems with a deeper sense of connectivity and completion.

Their clients have said they are like fine skilled surgeons using their hands to offer change. Their conversation with each other about what is changing, where it is moving to, what is coming up next, is so anatomically specific that it sounds like a different language and a lifetime of study.

For Luc and Nina, it’s a road map. The more you travel on it, the more familiar it becomes. Over time, you observe new things and listen more closely to what you couldn’t hear before. They wont be the first to say, “You must know your Anatomy!”

then follow the pattern offer change to integrate new and more efficient patterns.

For example, If Luc is working to re-establish an electrical connection from the brain to