Having worked in the field of Osteopathic Manual Therapies for some thirty years, I have noticed consistent patterns of strain relating to piercings around the navel. These patterns have presented themselves from within the mechanical systems of the body and show direct relationships with the punctured area around the umbilicus (belly button) where some form of ring had been inserted. These mechanical patterns spread or migrate as lines of tension directly into the body. In my practice, I have noticed these tension lines have shown to be consistent and specific with most individuals.

The symptoms these individuals presented varied from back pain, kidney pain, extreme menstrual pain and bleeding, urinary infections, digestive disorders, gall bladder pain along with build-up of infection in the bladder, ureters, bile ducts of liver and gall bladder among others. Although symptoms are important and create a lot of pain and discomfort, in my practice, I work with the origination of issues and do not focus on the symptoms.

When considering the origin and history of the belly button, it is our original connection to our mother. It also provided us with life; everything we needed to develop in utero and survive, once born– arteries, veins, nerves, bones, muscles, everything!  The umbilicus is our direct connection to our original life source.

Perhaps we should consider the possibilities of energetic and/or mechanical interruption to this area, and the potential for anatomical/mechanical interference internally, they may have, along any one of these lines of tension created from a piercing? I have consistently seen these energetic to anatomical patterns present themselves, as well.

Some unexplained symptoms have been explained once I finally identified this process. Through the knowledge of this phenomenon, anatomical knowledge and developed listening skills, much that could not be explained in my head, became physically evident in my hands.

Once my client got results, they inquired as to what it was that I had done to assist them with such relief. Having presented this info to them, they were shocked to find that a simple piercing could create such havoc in their body!  Most often their first reaction was, “Do I have to remove my piercing now?” I informed them the decision to remove the ring was theirs because the good news is, the piercing can stay and work can be done to prevent any further spreading of these types of tension lines. The original puncture was the issue, not only necessarily the ring itself.

© Luc J. Chabot 2016


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