and Physical Trauma encapsulated within the body, over time, result
in mechanical and physiological imprints.
A closed neurological feedback loop becomes engaged—pain recycles over and
over again. Un-discharged “survival energy” becomes “stuck,” and begins to
irritate and backfire and ends up becoming stored within the tissues, organs and
nervous system.

If this feedback loop is not dis-engaged, the balance mechanism between the
Central Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System is dis-connected.
This survival mechanism becomes self-perpetuating and self-destructive to the
biological and physical organism, the human body.
Healing at a physical and emotional level is then made very difficult. Daily
unconscious events continue to trigger the energies of these un-resolved
traumas creating over time, bio-mechanical, tissue, organ, nervous system
breakdown and eventual physiological dysfunction.
As a result, many unknown adaptive processes occur and create havoc in the
physical body.
Many of these types of injuries, inefficiencies and adaptations as described in the
closed neurological feedback loop, cannot be identified by X-Rays, scans, blood
tests or MRI’s, yet they are debilitating injuries and dysfunctions just the same!
Experience has shown us that they must be recognized, acknowledged and
(copyright © 2014 LJ CHABOT PH.D LCSP (PHYS), Nina Joy Rizzo Reg. Practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy®