Everything in your body can be accessed through your brain and along the spine;
Organs, Limbs, Nerves, Arterial/Venous Blood Supply, Lymph. We have a multitude
of multi-dimensional feedback loops in our body.

The brain and the spine is your Central Nervous System (CNS). It feeds into the
Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) which is divided into two and go to the organs. In
order to synchronize and normalize the communication of the Primary Respiratory
Breathing System there must be movement of the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF). This
means any restrictions along the “Dura” which is the envelope surrounding your
brain and nervous system will inhibit efficient movement of the CSF ultimately
affecting all the systems in the body.
The Brain has its own breaker system. If it shuts down, is imbalanced or impaired,
dysfunction occurs.
Basically, the Brain and Central Nervous System is the Hard Drive of your human
existence computer. If your Hard Drive is not functioning properly, it will slowly begin
to affect all of the other systems and proper programming.
Central Nervous System electrical movement in the spine moves superiorly/inferiorly
from the cranium to the sacrum and then laterally to the ANS and then again
superiorly/inferiorly along the ANS. It is being conducted via the movement of the
cranial bones, which are attached to the “dura” and “inter-cranial membrane system.”
The Visceral System is a Bio-mechanical system that is working in unison with all the
other systems in the body and when compromised in any way contributes to
inefficiency in the other systems. It is a communication system that has to dance,
interact and intercommunicate allowing for electrical and mechanical movement in
the body. The Viscera also stores emotions. Any compromise in the Visceral System
is sure to create adaptations in all the different systems as well as blockage and
shutting down of the limbic system.
Arterial and Venous blood supply, as we all should know, is the plumbing from the
heart and each different system and then back to the heart. This is a Continuous
loop system. Any compression or disruption is this continuous loop system will affect
all the other systems.
The Fascial system is a 3D web matrix that intertwines everything, arteries, nerves,
veins, visceral organs. It is like a loofa sponge. It is the main housing, has a
contractile potential and must maintain flexibility. If it is impaired or compromised it
will affect all the systems including the hormonal, immune, trauma/limbic systems.
The chakra system is your connection to the cosmos. When any system in the body
is compromised, the chakra system is affected.
Synchronizers assist in the CNS and increase intercommunication between all the
systems. However, you must first open the pathways which originate in the brain. If
there is an issue with the CNS or the ANS it will affect the feedback loop from the
brain and that organ or body part. When electrical voltage cannot pass through a
wire, it will create an irritation at the point of impact every time it backfires. It begins
to disperse into the surround tissues at impact point, cause a lot of dysfunction and
pain and eventually burn out the wire.
The body is a 3D multi dimensional feedback looping system. All the systems need
to be addressed because everything is connected.
Body Re-Programming and Synchronization can begin when the pathways
originating in the brain are open.
Try a mini session today and begin opening those pathways of the brainstem, spine
and central nervous system.
Full sessions are available and focus specifically on alleviating the adaptations in the
different systems that contribute to compression in the brainstem and along the
central nervous system.
This is a traditional Osteopathic hands-on method of running a complete diagnostics
of the entire body and it’s systems as well as the repairing of the adaptations that
occur. When addressed properly, without creating more pain, our multi dimensional
body will respond. Adaptations can be disengaged, pain and problems will subside
and change happens!
Our practice is based on Science, Anatomy, Quantum Physics, and Bio-
Mechanics. Together, we bring to you over 60 years of experience and
education. Everything we do is HANDS-ON. We diagnose and repair.
Reprogram and synchronize.
No pills, gadgets, gimmicks, crystals, wands or woo woo.
We are located in the VOC.
For more information or an appointment please call:
LJ Chabot PH.D LCSP (PHYS) 928-399-0424
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